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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cynthia Nugent also Won the Chocolate Lily!

Here's a postscript to my previous email. Cynthia Nugent, my 'Honey Cake' illustrator, also won the Chocolate Lily for her perfect enhancement of the book's text. She couldn't be at the awards night because she had a deadline to meet - creating illustrations for her next book, 'Fred and Pete at the Beach.' Fred and Pete are a couple of amusing, delightful and no doubt mischief making canines. They will be in bookstores near you very soon, and I'm really looking forward to reading about their adventures. (I know they are delightful because I've seen two of Cynthia's illustrations already) Cynthia has a wacky sense of humour that appeals to all ages. And don't forget, I'm 62! If I can laugh, anyone can.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I went to The Chocolate Lily awards ceremony yesterday, hosted by Vancouver Kidsbooks, expecting to see one of my colleagues win the children's novel award. I'd mingle with writers and book lovers, nibble on grapes, and generally have a good time. So when I heard my name called out as the winner my jaw actually dropped! My eyes just about popped out of my head. I didn't believe it. Surely a mistake had been made.
Fellow writer, Caroline Adderson, laughed when she saw the look on my face, and I'm glad that no one photographed me at quite that moment.
On my bookcase - where else - in a very prominent position, is the lovely glass trophy. When we move - if we ever find a house - I hope to have a room of my own where I shall hang the framed certificate over my desk.
The Chocolate Lily Award is a readers' choice award, and that's the best kind. Being recognized by the people for whom we write is a wonderful feeling for all writers.
Second prize went to one of my favourite authors, Norma Charles, for 'Boxcar Kid.' The picture book prize went to Chris Tougas for 'Mechanimals,' and Kari-Lynn Winters came in second with 'Jeffrey and Sloth.' Read all of these books (and more) and enjoy them.
Happy writing and happy reading to all of you.