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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blog Books?

Have any of you seen 'Julie and Julia?' I thought it was a wonderful film for two reasons. I loved seeing 'Julia Child' falling in love with French food and cooking it. I was interested in the notion of creating a book based on a block. If Samuel Pepys was around today I imagine he'd blog. If you don't know who Pepys is, Google him, or go to a library and check out his diary!!!!
Do any of you have a blog/diary that could be turned into a book? A movie? If so, go for it.

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  1. Here's another example of a very clever Blog that has now been published as a book:

    The Blogger is the grandson of a WWI English soldier, who published the weekly letters from the front exactly 90 years later. I've been enjoying it for many months. What a clever way to share history.

    I saw 'Julie & Julia', too, and really liked it. Now if I just had something interesting to Blog about...