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Niagara Falls
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bert, Ernie and Rubber Ducky.

There's a petition going the rounds to have Bert and Ernie get married on Sesame Street. Some people might not approve, but it seems to me that anyone getting married should have a song, especially someone on Sesame Street. I decided to write a duet for Bert and Ernie, just in case.

Bert:'You and me and rubber ducky/Ernie we are oh so lucky/Always together in all kinds of weather/We were meant to be.'

Ernie: 'You and me and rubber ducky/Bert, you're right, we're oh so lucky/We're getting married 'cos we're feeling plucky/We were meant to be - You, Rubber Ducky and me.'

I know, it might sound like a threesome, but it's not. Rubber Ducky is only their toy, not a real living breathing puppet.

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