Josephine's Dream Reading

Josephine's Dream Reading
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Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls
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Thursday, April 5, 2012


I flew to London and Malta this past March, and took along a little notebook and some pens. I know some people write detailed accounts of their day to day adventures, and I'm in awe of those who do that, but I only make notes, add a few amateur sketches(and I mean 'amateur')and when something inspires me with a story idea I scribble a paragraph or two and questions for myself.
Which works for you? Every writer has different ways of writing a journal or making story notes. You can find stories in the most unlikely or surprising places.
Meanwhile, back home, I'm waiting to hear if a publisher likes my second draft of a funny story - my dog story, the one I've been writing and re-writing for years. If she doesn't I'll try elsewhere. I'm also working hard on a longer, more serious historical novel. It's going to need a lot of work.
And then there is Harold the Hero. Looking for a publisher with a quirky sense of humour for that one.
I hope all you writers out there are working hard and feeling satisfied with what you've accomplished. Never give up.

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