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Niagara Falls
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Born to blog

My friend Cynthia tells me I'm born to blog. So here I am blogging. But I won't let this blogging thing distract me from writing my stories. I read something today in a newspaper about a writer who gets her best ideas while jogging. She carries a bag with her containing a pen and paper for whenever she's inspired. That's what I do, except that I don't jog. I walk a lot, and talk to myself, and write notes to myself.
For those of you who want to know where ideas come from, they're all over the place and they pop into your head, and you should pay attention to them - if you want to write stories. Maybe you should still do it even if you don't write stories. The thing to remember is that when you least expect it - in the shower, shopping for tomatoes, running for the bus, in math class or at your best friend's wedding - ideas will come.
So, don't leave home without a notebook and pen. Just don't take them into the shower.
Watch this space for more bon mots. Joan Betty Stuchner, Dec. 10/08

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