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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Re-Write Nightmares and Chicken Soup

Yes, re-writing can be a nightmare. Here I am, instructed by my doctors to take it easy and not stress (how do people obey instructions like that?) and I spent all yesterday trying to re-write my brilliant novel. I'm not telling you this to discourage you. Absolutely not. I want you to write, and re-write, and you have to trust me that one day it will be very satisfying and worth the effort. Now back to my problem.
I'm not one of those writers who says to herself, "I shall now write a story that will appeal to boys between the ages of six and eight," or, "I'm going to write a book for teenage girls," or "Just wait until the newborn babies hear this one!" No, I don't do any of that. What happens is that I get an idea and start writing for me. I finally get to a draft that I think is as good as it can be - knowing it will never be that good. I drink a celebration cup of tea and send the manuscript to the publisher.
The publisher sends me an email that says the POV (point of view) is wrong. The book must appeal to ten year old boys. Okay, he has part of a point. So I have to do two things. I must not give up my story and compromise so that it is not mine anymore, but I must remain true to myself whilst following the publisher's rules.
As I re-write I see that it just might work, but I still have to have a couple of other points of view in the story. It's a problem, but one I'm going to try to solve. I'll imagine I'm a scientist, and my formula is not working, so I have to take away some of that and add a little of this to take its place.
Actually, to give him credit, my publisher (I hope he's my publisher!) said it was like a recipe for chicken soup. A little celery, a few carrots etc.
Hmm. Maybe that's what I need. Chicken Soup for the writer. I'll keep you posted.

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